finding hard to install java with all of its apps....
unable to find jdk in my server....... its really makin me to think....

learning about vi editor....

  • Moving around with cursor:

h key = LEFT, l key = RIGHT, k key = UP, j key = DOWN

  • Exiting vim editor without saving:

press ESC to get into command mode, enterĀ :q! to exit.

  • Deleting characters in vim command mode:

delete with x key

  • Inserting / appending text:

Press i or a in command mode and type

  • Saving changes and exit:

in command modeĀ :wq or SHIFT+zz

  • Deleting words:

delete word with d operator and w or e motion

  • Deleting to the end of the line:

delete to the end of the line with d operator and $ motion

  • Using operators, motions and counts:

beginning of the line 0, end of the line $, end of the 2nd word 2e beginning of the 4th word 4w

  • Deleting multiple words:

to delete 3 words you would use d3w

  • Deleting lines:

to delete single line dd, delete n lines ndd

  • Undo changes:

undo changes with u