Azure App Service is a Paas solution to run Enterprise-grade Web Applications. Azure has recently announced App Services on Linux. It supports running web apps natively on Linux.

App Service Linux provides pre-defined application stacks(Nodejs, PHP and others ). App Service on Linux uses Docker containers to host these pre-built application stacks. You can also use a custom Docker image to deploy your web app to an application stack that is not already defined in Azure.
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In this blog, I would like to provide steps for running a Python app on App Service Linux. To make it little more fun, I would be using Magenta to play Piano.
Final project is available on Github @

Below is the architecture of App Service Linux
Python App on App Services Linux

Request would hit one of the App Service front-end and navigates to worker-role. Inside worker-role, There would be two different containers

  • Kudu Container(Used for Tooling Purpose :
  • App Container (Your App runs here)

Consider them as two different OS having their own file-system while share only /home directory(Remote persistent Storage).
i.e, /var on Kudu is not same as /var on App container

Note : Only /home content is persistent, Anything written to other folders will be gone after App restart.

Running Sample Python app on Local environment

As I have mentioned earlier, we would be using Magenta to play Piano that responds.

  • Navigate to github page of Magenta and download ai-duet demo.
  • Follow steps in README to run this sample app.

Using waitress

  • Create file in app and copy below content into it.
import os
from waitress import serve
from server import app
serve(app, host="", port=8080)
  • Add waitress in requirements.txt file

Add Docker Related Files

  • Create a new folder and copy above step sample app into app folder in project root.
  • Copy DockerFile and others at root folder from here
  • DockerFile would install
    • Python
    • nginx (Check nginx.conf for configuration)
    • openssh-server(Used to make web-ssh connection between Kudu and App Container. Check sshd_config file)
    • supervisor (To start nginx and python app simultaneous. Check supervisord.conf file)
    • Install Python App dependencies in requirements.txt file
  • will run on first request and starts ssh, supervisord.

Publish to DockerHub

Note: I have used Dockerhub but you can use other options like Azure Container Services.

Create App Services Linux

  • Ex : prashanthmadi/ai-duet-tensor:latest

Final output

url :

AI Duet on Azure App Service Linux