In this blog I'm creating Django app with Python 3.7 image from Azure Web App on Linux

  • Create an app and open visual studio code
  • Create requirements.txt with below content
  • Make sure you create virtual env from Python 3.7 version
python.exe -m venv venv
  • After creating it…Activate venv as below
  • Install requirements.txt
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Check if Django is installed correctly
python -m django --version
  • Do django-admin startproject <somename> that creates auto-generate code to start Django app with
django-admin startproject mydjangoapp
  • Include Allowed hosts in file
  • Navigate to Azure Portal.
  • Create Web App on Linux.
  • You can find a sample Python Django project with above operations @GitHub Link


  • Add whitenoise plugin to serve static files on Azure.

  • My Sample output with static file.